On September 21, the M4U team presented Maxify to real estate development companies of Central and Eastern Europe at the CCE Property Forum 2021.

In addition, Maxify became a proptech partner of the event.

"It is safe to say that Ukraine is not inferior to Europe in the level of development of PropTech (property technologies - real estate technologies), and in matters of commercialization management - even ahead of it. The future of the real estate market - in innovation. With the development of technology, the role of creativity in creating outstanding projects will grow. We have developed Maxify so that developers can focus on creating quality projects and wow-services for their customers, and entrust complex calculations to an intelligent pricing management system, ”explains M4U founder Volodymyr Danylenko.



Presenting Maxify, COO M4U Serhiy Stolyarchuk told how the intelligent pricing management system for residential real estate works on the example of the RYBALSKY residential area in Kyiv.

Maxify daily analyzes all transactions and updates the prices of apartments that remain for sale. This ensured an increase in prices for certain types of apartments by more than 20-30% higher than expected by the revenue plan and an increase in project revenues by 19% higher than expected.

According to this principle, Maxify manages prices for more than 5,700 apartments located in 27 houses, with a total value of more than $ 400 million.

One of the key advantages of Maxify - an automated management system avoids pricing errors, which are often caused by the human factor.

This year, the CCE Property Forum 2021 was attended by more than 400 representatives of real estate markets from Central and Eastern Europe. The event discussed the economic situation in the region, investment prospects of countries and individual real estate sectors, financial and anti-crisis market strategies.