Transport accessibility


Transport accessibility is an important factor of comfort that should be taken into account when choosing real estate

The quality of transport connections between the district and the rest of the city directly affects the attractiveness of housing and its convenience. This factor is often much more important than the geographical remoteness to which developers appeal.

M4U analysts have drawn up a map of transport accessibility of Kyiv districts and suburbs. It allows you to compare the time required to cover the distance to the city center by public transport in the morning and evening rush hour. Thus, it was possible to take into account the intensity of traffic flows and the level of development of public transport.

Of course, no one will be surprised by the fact that the houses near the metro "Pecherska" and the metro "Palace" Ukraine "are equally comfortable in terms of transport - 27 points each. But Pechersky Bridge is preparing a surprise: morning and evening traffic jams lowered its score to 39 points, the same as in the area near the airport "Zhulyany".

The factor of transport connectivity is especially important when choosing housing in the suburbs of Kiev, in particular for people whose lives are closely connected with the capital. Yes, traffic jams are inevitable, but Vorzel and Boryspil get 96 points each, and Gatny's transport involvement can be compared with some districts of Pozniaky - 59 points.

So when considering options for buying a home, take into account the transport factor and choose a comfortable home according to your needs and requirements.